Vegie Bench (for container food gardening)

Posted on October 20, 2009


drip line experiment

drip line experiment on vegie bench

“We need a herb garden”

My family declared recently. Great ! i thought. So to get into edible gardening it seemed like small containers would be the way to go. I was recently reassured that polysterene is inert so ive been growing things in them quite a bit lately. My inner toxin police would prick up all confused whenever it was mentioned for the last little while.

Im big on ergonomics and keeping things as easy/efficient as practical, so none of this boxes on the floor business! We needed a bench. The other thing i was hoping to gain was double or triple watering effect through having levels of plants under the benchtop. Like most of the projects we’ve taken on here I managed to keep the materials sourcing fairly ‘in-houuse’. There was some old trellis that was not currently used and some more bits of wood.

The bench went through some evolution, reinforcement and expansion. I’ll let the photos tell most of the story.