Compost Loos for Events

Posted on November 5, 2009


Let the photologs continue ! Seems its all im good at – at the moment.

Ive been walking a bit of a thin line in between an old ‘occupation’: events and my new one: edible gardening/self sufficiency stuff. I recently helped out with climate camp mainly working on the compost loos, it was a rewarding experience and I developed a bunch of ideas for design improvments. Ive offered to help out coordinate/design two template loos to be used at High and Dry festival

Currently theres only one option in terms of compost loos for events, Its a company called Natural Event whom ive had many pleasant loo experiences with. Unfortunately their loos are beyond the budget of High and Dry so they have been scoping out various DIY options. Step in Jen, Jack, Ryan and Myself. We all worked together at Climate Camp so seemed like a good team. One catch thoough, im planning to be time-poor soon with many projects on my plate so i was planning to be around for the template/design phase only. The big building and coordination would be up to the others alongside various High and Dry crew.  Interesting project.. Photolog has more: