Garden sharing.. + urban wwoofing interest growing

Posted on April 12, 2010


Just saw a little pic of me on the permaculture principles (PCP) site, I was aware that it was on a photo blog hosted there but just discovered it linked on the main page -nice.

There has been growing interest in the Urban Wwoofing concept recently, im currently working on an article for the permi diary alongside developing guidelines for the way an Urban Wwoofing network could work. I’ll keep you posted on how that all goes, its exciting but also challenging (being a novice ‘writer’ and all..). Whilst in Melbourne recently I popped into 3CR community radio for an interview about it. It feels good to continue to spread the word about it which at the same time is giving me a good kick in the butt to develop some solid documentation to flesh out the idea.

Heres the direct link for future readers..

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