Relocation of Bike Club (archival post?)

Posted on May 29, 2010


This was my first blog post on 12/05/08 whilst I was deeply immersed in the land of figureight sustainable event production. I was trying to promote some of the community connections which our events enterprise was developing through the blog format on our fresh website. Since the original site content didn’t make it across to their new one I thought I’d re-post it here. I had a search for the page to discover that the old site is still live and accessible. Will pop it into an extended bio on “The Story” page at some point soon. I was in the third person writing mode as it was coming from the promo article angle.

Dylan Prins is getting involved with helping this long running community bike workshop find a new home.


The Nunnery Bike workshop started up in a large backyard in Newtown many years ago. It has continued to

Strolling over to the shed

exist thanks to many committed volunteers and bike enthusiasts who come along each week and teach people how to fix bikes. At “bike club” you can usually find all the tools and parts you need to fix your own bike, plus many of these bike experts who will happily teach to you the various ways of fixing your bike. You can even come along and build your own bike from scratch (bike club makes it easier than you think) The Factory Community Centre is a community space on raglan st in Waterloo which has operated for the last 30 years or so. The Factory and figureight have worked together on several projects including the launch of a community mosaic wall, Summer on the Green festival 2007 and also a seminar on community engagement.

The Idea

Having worked with both groups, Dylan put the idea to Mike from the Factory of using a community housing carpark and storage area to house bike club. As it turns out, Mike had just received funding to employ a part-time worker to revive the old “Waterloo Recycling Workshop” and was keen to get moving on funding/general applications to City of Sydney, Dept of Housing and Clubs NSW.

First Meeting 12/05/08

Dylan met with Mike, Richard and Louise from the Factory at Canne Cafe (another volunteer run community project) on Monday 12th May. Louise was the new part-timer dedicated to working on the Recycling project. Everyone was enthusiastic about the projects potential. They discussed what bike club would need (a space, potentially some cages and a tool rack or two) and what they would need to make this happen. It was decided that bike club should continue to operate as a separate group alongside the recycling project and – pending confirmation from the rest of the bike club group – they could go ahead with funding and permission applications to CoSyd, Dept of Housing, and ClubsNSW. The Group then went on to inspect the space. All of the garage spaces had recently had lighting, power and fire systems upgraded. Apart from alot of old equipment and furniture in them, they were great spaces, one of them

Waterloo Recycling Workshop

having ramp access. They spoke of the potential caged area in the carpark or alternatively using a combination of the internal spaces. The photos tell the rest of the story. Whats next? Dylan will meet with others involved in Bike Club and they will all decide on what to do next.

Update: 13/05/08 The bike club organisers gave a resounding yes to the waterloo site. Plans are now underway for the move.
Update: 30/05/08 After some more discussions between the FCC > bike club; a proposal has now been sent from the bike club organisers to department of housing through the Factory Community Centre. Bike club keenly anticipates a response.
Update: 28/07/08 Dylan has handed over the project to James Nichols (also involved with figureight), who has taken over as the main contact. James has been meeting with Michael from the Factory, Naomi and others from the Department of housing. More proposals have been required and sent.
Update: 30/07/08 Dept of Housing has granted access to one of the garages but the bike club group would like to move everything at once, making the availability of multiple spaces necessary. It will take some time (weeks) until the other spaces are freed up for us.
Update: 07/08/08 James is o/s until the 18th and the rest of the bike club group have gone on a site visit on monday 4th. All were impressed with the space, particularly the covered areas and sealed surface (no more dropping tiny bolts in the mud). There is still some more paperwork and loose ends until the space will be all set to go, but heres hoping it will be quite soon !
Update: 08/09/08 The “Draft Service Profile” has now been submitted. Check it out here: Sydney Community Bike Workshop
Update: 16/12/08 Success ! We have got into the new space. We are hoping to organise a few working bees to get the place setup in a functional way. Up to date details re: opening times are here Nunnery Bike workshop. See you there soon.

Original post here on old figureight website.

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