Livelocal experiment : suburban immersion

Posted on July 28, 2010


My folks are heading to Sri Lanka for a month and for the first time we have a veggie garden which needs looking after.. It will be a bit different to my recent main stay “The Barn” – a creative artist warehouse near Alexandria south of Sydney town.

arriving at st clair - some other time..

the barn - garage sale of past tenants

Im going to take the oppurtunity for some Suburban wwoofing / caretaking and do my immersion thing. Approaching it like a rural wwoofing property.. staying in the one spot (resisting sydney invitations and lifestyle) whilst trying to source as much as possible locally : preferably by bicycle only. Inviting suburban wwoofing guests and a few friends to come stay. I’ll also have my birthday out that way as it falls in that time.

Ive done the city > st clair ride a few times. Its about 55ks = 3-5 hours depending on breaks – heat! or load carried.

photo fest ahead!

a collage of recent permi retrofit + st clair happenings

ps: its not an ordinary family shot – its from Natalies 21st a year ago: she had a dance styles dressup theme. I was a glam rock star.. some friends did the styling .. don’t ask 🙂

how much more can we grow there?
will i be able to convince natalie to use the bike almost all the time?
will we need to ride/train it up to the katoomba food coop? (where mum is pictured above right).
what will it be like to live with my sister back at home again ?
when the parents are the kids at play?
is it worth all this fuss for just one month?

Ive cross posted this one over at [here] as its right up that alley. The re-posting here allows such special bonuses as some extra photos and larger photo links [“ahhh” the impressed audience says..]

hope to have some fun things to share soon. oh yeah whilst im there i’ll be doing interviews and hope to have a decent little podcast story on suburbia . . exploring the reality of suburban life.. emerging perhaps sometime in sep-oct.