The Joys of the Cul-de-sac : Immersion #2

Posted on August 22, 2010


pondering suburbia

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Well, im certainly immersed that’s for sure. So immersed I haven’t been posting, perhaps you noticed . .

After the flurry of activity finishing projects and collecting up all the things I was bringing out here (food supplies, tools, resources, audio recording gear, and normal personal living stuff) and the ride which I covered in the recent post – It was a bit of a shock that it was so quiet in the first few days here. Our folks are away and my sisters back to uni-semester life schedule so it was pretty a challenging change of pace. A big factor in keeping up a steady pace at the Barn was the sheer wwoofer power which we were treated to in the last few weeks before heading out here. We had four in one week and six in another week, awesome stuff to have that amount of people pottering around the barn helping out projects, and I think I got a little bit too used to that momentum. So far no suburban wwoofers have emerged for this little stint. I’ve really been missing wwoofer power ! its been amazing recently and now it’s just back down to me pottering around and doing things. Another serious adjustment – and ive been mega tangental in doing things (part of the quiet blog front so far).

Some visitors coming by and my involvement with the Mamre organic farm down the road have saved me from near boughts of cabin fever. On the plus side I am getting a big cultivating connection again, something I’d been missing at my earlier ‘home’ in town. Waking up and checking on the seedlings, hanging out with the young little plants in the garden in the morning, sharing some morning sun. I know it’s a particularly warm August, but there’s just so much more sun out here. Its great!

Its part project, part suburban holiday with a bit of suburban and proper style wwoofing in there as well (care of Mamre farm). Older family and friends who I speak to commonly ask “What are you doing for food?” (this is a classic one from Older Sri Lankans in particular). Well, for the last year ive been helping out as a cook and a grocer back in town and now im learning some farming and were also growing lots of stuff at home (I could have prefaced organic in there four times but I think you get the idea anyway). So, umm, were doing real great on the food front Ok? : )

People are funny like that.