Special package: Permaculture Diary 2011

Posted on August 25, 2010


Look what just arrived..

I was very pleased to receive a little package yesterday. It’s the next permi diary; why on earth am getting a diary in August? Well this diary, now in its third year, is usually pretty special with a mixture of normal diary pages and then stories/ photos interspersed throughout. The diary was one of the inspirations for starting this blog (sharing stories).

The reason for this one arriving is that I’ve got an article in it, a little story on the Urban Wwoofing part of my recent journeys. The story has a few familiar photos from this blog and a fun shot that my sister Natalie took in the veggie garden here for the story.

This diary celebrates positive sustainability action in Australia and abroad. It features ordinary people who are making a difference by their actions. This year’s Diary includes an historical forward by David Holmgren and articles by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren – the two founders of the Permaculture movement. Also contributions from Robyn Frances, Peter Andrews, Josh Byrne, Earthship and many inspiring adventures in grass roots urban and rural sustainability as well as innovative, low impact approaches to the built environment. This year’s Diary has some serious messages but also a lot of fun and surprises.
[from PCP]

So yes, some serious company! I’m really blessed to have my little urban wwoofing concept in there alongside such amazing stories and with such elders from the community. Hopefully a copy will land in you lap some day and you can check out all the stories, don’t make the mistake of trying to soak them all up at once though! It’s designed around you reading them throughout the year . . well you can give it a shot anyhow (so dense, i tried).

urban wwoofing story

I met Michele through doing some garden sharing in her Marrickville kitchen garden and ended up doing that great Urban Food Growing Course with her and the lovely diverse group we had (looks like my mug is on some of those shots too in the diary story..). The diary and calendar are available here on the permaculture principles website, you might find it in small book shops later in the year and the odd community groups market stall. Perhaps I’ll have a few around when I’m back in town. Big gratitude to Michele for independently producing the diary for another year and for encouraging me to send in the story.