Pure sugarless sweetness – yyyum!

Posted on August 31, 2010


[this post is in the suburban permi retrofit context, in short, a local living experiment in st clair, NSW AU for one month as a suburban wwoofing house-sit of my folks place.]

We had a lovely little gathering round here on Sunday and the amaayzing food inspired me to whip up a little foodie post. That and a little added inspiration from the fabulous foodies over in cityhippyfarmgirl’s neck of the woods.


For the last little while (6months or more ?) Ive been enjoying having foods without refined sugars. It’s partly a response to concerning dental check up a little while back and partly a good habit picked up from hanging out at the suv with all their raw choccys and amazing other treats (serious sugarless solidarity from suv crew). It’s also been a pretty simple way to eliminate a whole bunch of processed foods from what I eat. My cycle-touring, urban-gleaning sweet tooth had started to mean visibly bad news for my teeth and gums; the good folks at BCD broke it to me that I needed to start flossing and that perhaps sugary foods were not such a good idea. It was easy enough to wind back on the sugars but it wasn’t until I caught fellow wwoofer Joni using the floss wrapped around his fingers, that it finally made sense. Ive kept up the habit, Dr Ray would be proud. Yes, the Suburban Table treats date back before this time as some keener eyes might have noticed.

cut to the chase..

Ok, so heres a few blurbs from a few of the foodie makers, starting with mine. Our freshly arrived american suburban wwoofers provided endless amusing quotes on the food.

Dylan’s (Mum’s) Sri Lankan Dhal Curry

A while ago I’d submitted this to the thoughtful foods coop recipe callout during a “lentils” week newsletter feature. This was handy because I couldn’t find our paper copy and had to look it up over there. You can head over to their recipe page for more on that, and Suzie says it will also soon be in the thoughtful foods coop cookbook. Other things in the photo: racy salad (with cayenne pepper, cashews, kale, romanesco brocolli. very suveran style), safe salad (garden lettuces and parsley), jap pumpkin/cinnamon soup and yellow rice (turmeric, cinnamon, curry leaves, coconut cream). Tuscan kale and brocolli from mamre farm down the road, all other salads and pumpkin from our backyard. Gooo local produce ! yeah.

Natalie’s baked treats

An attempt at a ‘vanilla carob cake’ recipe without sugar, turned into a ‘too much bicarb recovery’, leading to the pretty baked goods in the picture

[we recreated them with accessories to hide the bi carb, ie, almonds, honey filling, honey topping, coconut everywhere else]

“Oh my.. whats in this ?!”

Tonia’s Black Sticky Rice….errrr…. Soup!

I used a lot of water when I cooked it hence it turned out more like a soup rather than a pudding. Incredibly simple: Soak desired quantity of black glutinous rice (available from most asian supermarkets), 1 cup of rice to 3 cups of water, either overnight or for a few hours, (though one recipe didn’t mention soaking at all, so perhaps not completely necessary if you haven’t soaked the rice and want to make it on the spot)
Heat rice and water to boiling point and then let simmer for 45 minutes or more. Test to see whether the rice is soft. Add  a cup or more of coconut milk/cream to rice, a pinch of salt and half a cup or more of desired sweetener, (I used  honey)…and that’s it! Taste test to see if you want to add more coconut milk/cream or sweetener. Serve  cold or warm. You could set aside some extra coconut milk/cream (warmed up) as a topping (make some fun shapes!).

The next morning “This goes great with Oats”  “This goes great with anything” – Cassie

Suzies Raw cake:

My first foray into the world of raw cooking… or no-cooking as it were. A comprehensive array of nuts and dried fruits blended to a goopy consistency, then stirred together with the frenzied zeal of an alchemist on the verge of discovering some new chemical substance. All the while, in the back of my mind, knowing that it takes 1 hour to set the cake in the freezer and I have to arrive at Dylan’s place in the burbs in T minus 2 hours – ouch! I take dates soaked in apple juice, shoving a couple of handfuls into my blender. Add hazelnut meal, almond meal, chestnut flour, agave syrup, vanilla bean innards,  coconut oil, agave, raw cacao… blend more… more raw cacao. The dough thickens as I press it into the bottom of the cake tin. Then the same thing all over again, minus raw cacao and dates, but this time with wattleseed, cashews and coconut cream added and an increased concentration of coconut oil. Whizzed together in mere minutes, shoved into the freezer, leaving me time to lick the mixing bowl…..

“This tastes soo good, I can’t believe you didn’t cook it!” – Connie

Beth explaining the mysteries of the chocolates

Beths Raw Chocolate Fudge

Here is a guess at the quantaties, I never measure anything, just chuck everything in.
Cup raw cocoa powder
Cup cocoa butter
2 tbls coconut oil
2 tblsp chia seeds
1/2 cup agave syryp
1/2 cup currants
orange rind
shredded coconut

Melt cocoa butter and coconut oil over a pot with boiling water in bottom, do over heat.
pour into food processor with all other ingredients and blend, add a little love 😉
pour into chocolate moulds

Note: make any flavour you want, date and mandarin, pepermint, endless combinations…

Matt was just beside himself when he tried this, nearly looked like he needed a moment to him self to process the deliciousness. The taste perplexed me and I had to find out that it was the blood red orange and the agave scheming together to hypnotize innocent tasters on first bite. Mmm.

We got the fire going in the evening and Shaw and Linette treated us to a dumpling session. It just kept coming. The leftovers were treasured for days, our fresh wwoofer guests think were some kind of delicioso foodie monsters.. well, they like it anyway.

“It feels so different when you’re full with healthy food.. ” – Jenny

We didn’t really have many more shots of the dumpling creation so you’ll have to track them down for a little demo. Thanks to all the lovely crew for good times, great foods and especially these report-back recipes. Hooray !

and once more just because..