No income, but still taking home bonuses!

Posted on September 12, 2010


For this little suburban project ive been lucky enough to have some generous contributions from a few of my barter ‘workplaces‘.

At the end of my last shift at the suv (barter labour trade at an organic kitchen/grocer) before coming out here, to my surprise I was gifted a pretty special wellness water filter for the st clair house (my folks place). Also, Maurice + Jeremy from Glow Worm have contributed a very fun electric bike loan for this little suburban stint. The idea being to use for extended rides around here and perhaps turn some heads in the suburbs, it would sure do better than those hack job petrol motor conversions which are currently about round here.

The eZee Cadence was good fun, my first proper electric bike experience. Certainly has the zoom! Whilst its not the kind of bike i’d usually use (size/shape) it did have a pretty comfy cruiser bar setup which felt familiar. The throttle/switch/gear levers all being on the right hand bar was way too busy.. I was initially disappointed with the 35km range when I took it for a ride up the blue mountains but the Glow Worm folk said thats pretty standard for the 10Ah battery and not a huge amount of pedalling. The single front chainring was a much bigger gear to what i’m used to for hill climbing so I was probably relying on the motor more than and ideal amount. It was a solid smooth ride though – the shocks and cruiser geometry made me question the speedo when i was hitting 50ks/hr coming back down the hill. Very nice. I am looking forward to sussing out the recent Wisper bike arrivals soon – they seem to have quite a refined design.

Natalie enjoyed trips on the e-bike “It’s like the happy part of riding all the time” and had to slow down for me to keep up on my tourer bike for a change. It was a good chance for her as a novice commuter rider to be able to come on longer rides with me on my normal bike – replacing car trips.

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