dear blog..

Posted on September 22, 2010


[an open letter to my dear little blog, whom I neglect so often. . sigh]

Im sorry i forgot your birthday, I was umm doing stuff in the real world. You understand don’t you ? Wow one year old hey, you’re growing up big and strong!  You’ll be able to handle things on your own soon im sure.

Image: Foxtongue/Flickr

You see, my current house sit (/urban wwoof) doesn’t have the internet. I quite like it that way. I keep better sleep patterns and work on things less tangentally. I know theres more and more going on in that space but I must declare that I’m a bit frazzled from the ‘cloud‘. I have to make an effort to get on the net so I often just don’t use it.

I would love to be doing lots of report backs on more of the suburban stint, and flesh out the urban wwoofing page alot more. But this would be at the expense of doing more. . well more stuff. How much reading about things can I do, im a kinaesthetic learner, I need to get up and do things after a little while (but still the glowing screen of the interconectivity machine beckons sometimes). It’s been fun writing and I’m not done yet, just letting you know it will be probably more of the same for the next year.

I know it’s complicated because I created you, maybe one day i’ll be a better friend. Ok its late now and I don’t want the computer to keep me up tonight.

yours in sparse bloggyness,


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