A moneyless community?

Posted on November 8, 2010


As you may know by now, making net time for blogging is not my forte. So I’m dropping in some simple quick posts over here to keep things rolling.

Mark Boyle, who is one of few ‘role models’ or point of reference which ive been able to find in my own adventures with alternative currencies, barter and this lifestyle. If I didn’t have the blog/energy struggle as above I’d write more of my own thoughts around these things and add some insights but.. ahh well this is all for now.

These three are quite lengthy, but if it looks interesting to start with I’d recommend sticking with them.

“All author proceeds are being donated to The Freeconomy Trust, whose primary role will be to buy land (like a slave buying himself out of slavery so his children can be free)..”

The moneyless village – it’s exciting for me to see permaculture folks, transition characters all involved in this too.

“At this point in history, would it not be more beneficial to support small, local, independent businesses rather than going completely moneyless and, therefore, ‘opting out’ of this political and economic model we find ourselves in?…”

Marks post on moneyless vs local

“..the economic model of Western societies relies on consumption. Excessive consumption provides economic development, it provides jobs. The more people consume, the more jobs are created. When people consume less, jobs are lost…”

His related re-post of Marcin Gerwin “The flaw of western economies’ @Permaculture Research Institute (USA)

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