Posted on November 12, 2010


I missed this one. But was all smiles when I saw it on a bedroom wall today. I say this as some muso friends have me actually considering the non-phone music player version as an audio edit and looping tool – in cycle touring bag friendly size. Hmmm. Mrrrrrhmph.

Besides, im not allowed. Im on a strict losing weight regime – luggage weight that is. Carrying way too many things, bit tricky trying to balance the no/low money thing when the alternative is pushing a heavier, bigger, slower bike around country VIC. Ima workin on it eya!

My iPhone’s bigger than yours

13 Jul 09 Cartoonist Michael Leunig’s take on technology.

With “iClone #blah OUT OF STOCK” signs gracing shopfronts it seems to be even more relevant this year.

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