Healing Co-op: a reflection

Posted on December 17, 2010


In early ’08 I was guest on the “Out of the Box” program on fBi radio  (a well-established local community station in Sydney). The program focuses on the life you lead, the music you love and how the they interact.

Whilst on there I dropped this idea of a Healing Coop- here’s a 5min exerpt from the show. I’ve cut down lots of my ramblings about the events company and nerdy muso details about all the tunes.. but included some other excerpts to give you an idea of the show and my [rather event focused] mindset at the time.

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Apart from starting this skeleton blog below and a few initial conversations with folks about it I didn’t necessarily follow-up on that project. Well – departing from that whole lifestyle was the big healing focus for me at the time.

I’ve found many things along the way. Much of this has been through the Sydney LETS network, where I had a great pattern of doing handyperson / gardening / bicycle mechanic jobs for people and could access massage, holistic phisio and many other healing modalities in a cashless exchange based on one-to-one time value. I’ve also had really lovely naturopath in who would do a thorough consultation and charge generously low as an informal concession for my lifestyle. A few friends have found great solutions incorporating part-medicare payments or treatments included alongside welfare payments. Hopefully there will be a few guest posts or comments on more of that approach around here soon.

It’s fresh on my mind as my health hasn’t been so happy about being in Central Victoria’s relatively chilly and erratic weather again. Niggling throat soreness, hayfever and morning chesty coughs (yum ha?). The other day I bit the bullet and went and paid a significant amount (for me) to go see the local Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. I was very happy I did as it was an amazing session and the advice, physical treatment and take-home herbal medicine exceeded the possible value which I handed over in cash.

I would hope to start on this healing coop idea in a very small way of collating a little directory of contacts or perhaps just some broad suggestions of how to get started or keep it up once you get into it.

I’d like to have some dialogue on this and ask how you have gone about accessing healing when you needed it? If you have a regular network of folks which you call upon in ill times of need; be they friends, practitioners, formal, informal or otherwise ?