Citified. Next to rAdelaide!

Posted on February 28, 2011


Well I guess I was having a big blog break. Being in Melbourne after months of cycle tour home-staying has meant less time and energy for many things. But on the back of that healing coop post Ive made a great connection with a yoga centre here which has been a focus. if you wanna check it out.

I’m heading to Adelaide in a week or so, timed for Womad + Fringe festival time – but also some wwoofing at the food forest permaculture farm and discovering a new city for me.

My plans are slowly emerging – if you have any connections or suggestions down there please drop a comment or get in touch some way.

Im looking for :
– urban wwoofing hosts (veggie gardens, chooks, foodies, permies, bike crew, yogies etc!)
– the odd bit of events work (im doing the odd bit here and there now, transitioning partially back to part of the economy)
– a yoga place, who might be up for trades..

Also looking for a second hand brompton folding bike.. pretty please universe … ?

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