Urban Food Growing Course – finally the audio piece

Posted on April 3, 2011


Original photolog post is here : Urban Food Growing Course
[link should open in new window so you can listen to this audio]

At long last here is the mini podcast I was working on..

Originally recorded out of interest – then cut together for the live local project on ABC Radio National’s ‘360 Documentaries’ program. But we missed the deadline .. so it’s just up here. has emerged slowly in spurts as ive been working on it with luke purse (BFG) on tech production.

Big gratitude to mal webb for track permission . . http://malwebb.com/ – luke purse for saving me from dealing with production and be able to play ‘producer’.

We didn’t quite get it to final finished quality (theres a few things I would change) but I thought I’d just publish it anyway. Enjoy. [check out the older post for lots more details]