Urban Wwoofing turns 50!

Posted on April 8, 2011


Ok so thats one of those sneaky titles but what I’m on about is that the urban wwoofing group on CouchSurfing has just clicked over 50 members, hooray!! I only know a handful of them so it’s slowly spreading nicely through the CouchSurfing community and perhaps a few other streams too.

If you haven’t sussed it out yet check out the ‘urban wwoofing concept’ page link at the top – it’s got all the links to resources and the network through CouchSurfing.org

In other things, Adelaide is truly rad – in my recent experience anyhow. I ll be here wwoofing at the food forest for a little while. Check out toms fresh blog for some on that adventureswithtom.wordpress.com.


A little barter workshop has turned into a bit more for me at upcoming skill share gathering just out of dear adelaide town. They’re also wordpress friends so check it out at reskillingfestival.wordpress.com. happy days

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