Adelaide Reskilling Festival

Posted on April 19, 2011


Over the weekend I took a trip into town and a break from wwoofing to go to the Reskilling Festival at Glandore in the south east of town. It was super lovely and I was facilitating a skills mapping exercise and a barter workshop which were pretty damn fun (thanks to the energetic participants i gotta say!) – if anys one got some pics of the silly little lanyard signs i made for roles that would be cool to have a copy or a link.. I recyc’ed them before leaving – always thinking minimal weight now.

barter workshop on the little hill

It had a great decentralised, low effort max yield kinda approach with many cool little systems, was also organised and run with a real spirit of gifting and abundance! Some workshops were scheduled and others were just added to the blackboard, a bit like a confest style.

Top 5  take home points from the Barter Workshop (as offered up by the participants):

  1. Build relationships : It’s a big part of what its about. You can’t just pay for something and walk off, you need to take some moments and make a connection there. Have fait as you may find this much more rewarding than connections based on monetary exchange, eg: the friendly barista who remembers your coffee order..
  2. You are skilled : Don’t doubt that you have swappable skills! just brain storm it for a few moments or bounce it off a friend. Your probably already swapping something in a loose way already and perhaps just need to extend your swapping out ot others youve yet to meet.
  3. Use intiative : Even if bartering is not common in a particular situation or space just ask people about it in a quiet moment and offer up some things you could do for them.
  4. Get involved : This follows on from the last one, don’t wait forever to be invited – once you get a bit of permission – jump in there and get involved.
  5. Celebrate abundance! : We can get scientific and equate X hours for X theoretical dollars so you shall receive X value of goods or we can gradually progress towards celebrating the abundance which we can create within our lives, be it produce, treats, hugs or otherwise. Give generously and be prepared to receive in a simliar way (for some you are giving by just receiving – strange but true).

the schedule blackboard

More info and pics here with some more great photos from Kim + esmedia used in this post.

Oo look heres a nice little vid, i love that the wacky musician is featured heavily, what a treat. Thanks ES media again.

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