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Urban Food Growing Course – finally the audio piece

April 3, 2011


At long last here is the mini podcast I was working on.. Originally recorded out of interest - then cut together for the live local project on ABC Radio National's '360 Documentaries' program. But we missed the deadline .. so its just up here.

Healing Co-op: a reflection

December 17, 2010


In early ’08 I was guest on the “Out of the Box” program on fBi radio  (a well-established local community station in Sydney). The program focuses on the life you lead, the music you love and how the they interact. Whilst on there I dropped this idea of a Healing Coop- here’s a 5min exerpt […]

Some audio to present.. Stawell Men’s Shed

November 20, 2010


Well finally ive got to post some of my audio on here. This was a quick rec+ post last week which I tidied up today. (It’s ideally digested away from computer so have it on later or download it for your portable device of choice.) Enjoy.

Peak Oil head speaks on Science Show

November 18, 2010


I was impressed to hear this coverage the other evening at a hosts house (a friendly Beaufort local who had taken me in from the grocery store whilst on my bike crawl of west VIC). Peak oil, or perhaps more appropriately, energy descent inspire both this blog and my lifestyle outlook. So it’s refreshing to […]

A chilly taste of the ride out here.. : Immersion #1

August 11, 2010


I thought i’d start the suburban immersion experiment posts off with a rough audio experiment i did with stuffing a little ”point and shoot” audio recorder. Not my usual tools or methods of choich but since I recorded the stuff I think i’ll just post it up here anyway. .. and since i already have […]