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Clip post : upright bicycle ergo conversion

September 17, 2011


Another great article from friends at glowworm:

Save your online stuff for y o u r eyes only

August 23, 2011


Or.. “your guide to private browsing” Its not really necessary to land in someone elses mail, social network, blog or online dating account when you jump on computers (fair enough if its their own usually..). It’s no wonder the jump in peoples emails getting hacked and spammed, log out of your accounts people ! Or […]

Adelaide Reskilling Festival

April 19, 2011


Over the weekend I took a trip into town and a break from wwoofing to go to the Reskilling Festival at Glandore in the south east of town. It was super lovely and I was facilitating a skills mapping exercise and a barter workshop which were pretty damn fun (thanks to the energetic participants i […]

Moles, Bullies and the Hungry Beast

April 11, 2011


Laura Wills, a recent friend from here in adelaide town is quitting the duopoly. There’s a blog on it at She put me onto a great visualisation of the situation which is below. whilst checking the creators out I found a few more great visualisations so here comes another rare video feast for this […]

Citified. Next to rAdelaide!

February 28, 2011


Well I guess I was having a big blog break. Being in Melbourne after months of cycle tour home-staying has meant less time and energy for many things. But on the back of that healing coop post Ive made a great connection with a yoga centre here which has been a focus. if you […]

The Cycling Cellist rolling through Victoria

December 2, 2010


Was lucky to catch Kristin in the local town whilst on my 4wk wwoofing stint here in central Vic. Victorians, be sure to catch here on tour and come out and support a great artist doing amazing things (on and off the stage) Her album is also available as a $15 digital download below via […]

Heinberg, the prolific peak oil writer/speaker

November 21, 2010


Future resource-depleted hip hop producers will totally sample this guy. [labrats style] Heres a little retrospective of his ABC media in the last few years, the man puts out a new book every little while. 22/08/2006 – Oil Depletion Protocol – Late night live ABC Radio National 19/06/2008 – The End of the Petroleum Age […]

Some audio to present.. Stawell Men’s Shed

November 20, 2010


Well finally ive got to post some of my audio on here. This was a quick rec+ post last week which I tidied up today. (It’s ideally digested away from computer so have it on later or download it for your portable device of choice.) Enjoy.

Peak Oil head speaks on Science Show

November 18, 2010


I was impressed to hear this coverage the other evening at a hosts house (a friendly Beaufort local who had taken me in from the grocery store whilst on my bike crawl of west VIC). Peak oil, or perhaps more appropriately, energy descent inspire both this blog and my lifestyle outlook. So it’s refreshing to […]


November 12, 2010


I missed this one. But was all smiles when I saw it on a bedroom wall today. I say this as some muso friends have me actually considering the non-phone music player version as an audio edit and looping tool – in cycle touring bag friendly size. Hmmm. Mrrrrrhmph. Besides, im not allowed. Im on […]

A moneyless community?

November 8, 2010


As you may know by now, making net time for blogging is not my forte. So I’m dropping in some simple quick posts over here to keep things rolling. Mark Boyle, who is one of few ‘role models’ or point of reference which ive been able to find in my own adventures with alternative currencies, […]

Hour of Power

November 6, 2010


Bike touring / barter homestays in west vic doesn’t seem to lead to much net access. But a friend over here revealed her approach to tackling the web. She builds up a list of net jobs and hits it out at the library for one “hour of power” a week. I’m jealous. I think im […]

Kill web ads for good.

October 11, 2010


Call me the adblock evangelist, net nerd, whathaveyou.. but I feel there is a serious need for awareness of this gold little browser plugin. Ive enjoyed seeing firefox and other open source browsers come into the spotlight over the years but the awesome adblock plugin has not followed them. Ive been using it for years […]

dear blog..

September 22, 2010


[an open letter to my dear little blog, whom I neglect so often. . sigh] Im sorry i forgot your birthday, I was umm doing stuff in the real world. You understand don’t you ? Wow one year old hey, you’re growing up big and strong!  You’ll be able to handle things on your own […]

No income, but still taking home bonuses!

September 12, 2010


For this little suburban project ive been lucky enough to have some generous contributions from a few of my barter ‘workplaces‘. At the end of my last shift at the suv (barter labour trade at an organic kitchen/grocer) before coming out here, to my surprise I was gifted a pretty special wellness water filter for […]

Pure sugarless sweetness – yyyum!

August 31, 2010


[this post is in the suburban permi retrofit context, in short, a local living experiment in st clair, NSW AU for one month as a suburban wwoofing house-sit of my folks place.] We had a lovely little gathering round here on Sunday and the amaayzing food inspired me to whip up a little foodie post. […]

Great recycled bicycle resource for Sydney

August 30, 2010


My friend Maurice from Glow Worm Bicycles has recently posted up what is probably the definitive resource on sourcing secondhand bikes in Sydney. I’ve spent a bit of time helping out with the fit out of their retail shop in Marrickville recently as a barter trade and they have lent us an Ezee Cadence electric […]

Special package: Permaculture Diary 2011

August 25, 2010


I was very pleased to receive a little package yesterday. It’s the next permi diary; why on earth am getting a diary in August? Well this diary, now in its third year, is usually pretty special with a mixture of normal diary pages and then stories/ photos interspersed throughout. The diary was one of the […]

clip-post of the Bicycle Music Festival

August 17, 2010


I guess i haven’t done much cross posting of other blogs thus far but this one left me so smiley that ive felt the need to share. Ive had my eye on these folks for a little while and this popped up the other day after their recent annual event. Hope you enjoy too. Unfortunately […]

Relocation of Bike Club (archival post?)

May 29, 2010


This was my first blog post on 12/05/08 whilst I was deeply immersed in the land of figureight sustainable event production. I was trying to promote some of the community connections which our events enterprise was developing through the blog format on our fresh website. Since the original site content didn’t make it across to […]

Five fingers report back..

May 27, 2010


I have some sad news friends. You see, the back-end of this blog has a whole world of stats which shows how many people are reading and where they're coming from. Unfortunately for a frugal blog, a disturbing number of readers land here from searching for those bloody five finger shoes (ie: expensive, new, consumer product!). It's Ok, I won't get mad, but now just for you I'm doing a report back on these unusual pieces of footwear.

On Boyle, creative frugalism and my approach

March 21, 2010


A friend passed on a Guardian article by Mark Boyle a few months ago, this character had spent a year living without money. He had previously studied economics, was a writer and hung onto his laptop during that time. His article late last year sparked a fury of interest – polarising the audience largely into […]

Post fever – video tangent

November 7, 2009


Ok so im going a little nuts this morning with the posts.. but one more before I pry myself away from this interconnectivity machine.. I was hoping to stay away from the world of video but i can’t resist this one, its a nicely put together and it’s right up the alley of yours truly  […]

welcome (in plain english)

November 6, 2009


This is a blog, click the link for a users guide. You can stay in touch using email subscription RSS or the Share/Save buttons below.  Check out The Story and other pages under “Massive Bits” on the right, or click the header to see the latest posts below. Enjoy.

Urban Food Growing Course

November 6, 2009


For 10 out of the last 12 weeks ive been lucky enough to be a part of an Intro to Urban Food Growing and Bush Regeneration course run through Petersham Tafe Outreach (which means its free!). Yesterday was our last so I took along my audio recorder to capture some of the day. More detailed […]

Frugal Footwear Failure

October 13, 2009


Somehow ive managed to buy three pairs of shoes in the past 12 months. Whoops. well, let me explain... Ive had a history of destroying footwear and having bad foot posture for years. The sunken arches led to orthotics and somewhat special Brooks shoes. Later on I got rid of the orthotics (along with my glasses) in a move towards my body learning to correct itself rather than relying on external products to help me out.


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