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Save your online stuff for y o u r eyes only

August 23, 2011


Or.. “your guide to private browsing” Its not really necessary to land in someone elses mail, social network, blog or online dating account when you jump on computers (fair enough if its their own usually..). It’s no wonder the jump in peoples emails getting hacked and spammed, log out of your accounts people ! Or […]

Self-directed study of Sinhalese language

July 28, 2011


How to learn a language when you’re ‘on the road’? I’m keen on the immersion method, surround yourself in the culture and get a general feel for the way the language works rather than memorising a few key words here and there (although that’s also useful). I say this being a boring one language person […]

No. You don’t need a website

June 1, 2011


Well you certainly don’t need to pay for one. I cringe when I hear people saying that they’re paying someone or a techie friend of theirs is building them a website soon which will be useful for their enterprise, band, project, life etc – if they ever finish it. I went through the website alternatives […]

chest fridge conversion

May 23, 2011


This has been one of my favorite retrofits in terms of energy usage. Theres a few ways to convert an old chest freezer in to a super incredibly efficient fridge. One involves changing the internal thermostat to fridge temperatures and the other is a plug in version which interrupts the power supply to also maintain […]

Healing Co-op: a reflection

December 17, 2010


In early ’08 I was guest on the “Out of the Box” program on fBi radio  (a well-established local community station in Sydney). The program focuses on the life you lead, the music you love and how the they interact. Whilst on there I dropped this idea of a Healing Coop- here’s a 5min exerpt […]

Buy Nothing Day + Carnivalesque Rebellion. Adbusters.

November 21, 2010


Adbusters keep doing great stuff. The carnivalesque rebellion may or may not be up your alley but buy nothing day is for everybody ! Get into it. Other Adbusters related fun things.. Magazine Articles:The Logic of not Demanding – a great critique and suggestion for activism. In a perverse way our protests may actually be […]

Five fingers report back..

May 27, 2010


I have some sad news friends. You see, the back-end of this blog has a whole world of stats which shows how many people are reading and where they're coming from. Unfortunately for a frugal blog, a disturbing number of readers land here from searching for those bloody five finger shoes (ie: expensive, new, consumer product!). It's Ok, I won't get mad, but now just for you I'm doing a report back on these unusual pieces of footwear.