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| rhizone | burning seedpod audiospace

November 19, 2011


The Burning Seed Festival came around for the second time, with a new location of Matong State Forest, Near Wagga Wagga NSW. Last year it was held in Bellingen, as part of the participation culture of the event I took along my audio recorder and captured around 15 hours of field recordings (interviews music and […]

Electrified Kona Ute + Cadence e-bike reviews (in full)

February 28, 2011


[declaration: So yes, once again I find myself in the amusing position of reviewing new products on a frugal blog. Ha! Ive been encouraged to review these bikes by Glow Worm Bicycles, whom I do some barter work for. They were very timely and useful loans for me, so I reckon it’s more than fair […]

Pure sugarless sweetness – yyyum!

August 31, 2010


[this post is in the suburban permi retrofit context, in short, a local living experiment in st clair, NSW AU for one month as a suburban wwoofing house-sit of my folks place.] We had a lovely little gathering round here on Sunday and the amaayzing food inspired me to whip up a little foodie post. […]

Suburban table story

July 18, 2010


My folks have one of those aluminium + glass table sets: y’know the obligatory one that goes with any pergola or backyard area which have emerged in the last few years.. I never liked the thing – i can’t put anything heavy on the glass top and its usually shrouded in a big tarp over […]

Urban Residential Compost Loos

June 17, 2010


Earlier this year whilst staying at a wonderful urban wwoofing property in Melbourne I helped out with a re-design of a compost loo and helped flesh it out into complete composting system. I had recently re-read the poo-bible: The Humanure Handbook which – more recently – has been made wonderfully and freely available by its […]

On Boyle, creative frugalism and my approach

March 21, 2010


A friend passed on a Guardian article by Mark Boyle a few months ago, this character had spent a year living without money. He had previously studied economics, was a writer and hung onto his laptop during that time. His article late last year sparked a fury of interest – polarising the audience largely into […]

Compost Loos finished!

November 12, 2009


We had a couple half days more last week to finish off the loos. Ive now handed over to Jack, Jen and the rest of the crew to make 24 more. If you’d like to get involved they will be built on site at Wiseman’s Ferry from the 16th Nov, with materials harvesting starting now. […]