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Blogging sure is  funny little thing. You put stuff out there, get some readership and the odd comment. It’s rather different from say, social network feeds where you would post life info to only people you know : it’s putting it out there into the big wider cloud. Relying on things like tags, links, RSS subscribers and search engine terms to send people your way.

I aware of it since i’m not involved with any particular online social network and this is an evolving experiment in publishing for me. I had a little look at the stats and It’s something like 6% of readers here end up leave comments.

Inspired by Nev over at Under The Choko Tree i thought i’d put in a guestbook to encourage a bit more interaction. Any blogger would certainly enjoy more comments. So here is some direct solicitation.

For direct private messages write here: 

Or if you’ve got any thoughts on a particular post or page ? Drop a comment right on the page. Or if you feel like saying you’ve dropped by, have a general comment on the site pop one in below here. Chances are it will give me a smile or a bit more incentive to post more things up 😉

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