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A strange behavior is appearing in affluent societies, some young western folk today are voluntarily choosing to live simply and in a frugal fashion. What’s interesting is that in our consumption-driven ‘global village’ these curious folk are choosing to not consume.

Inspired by the likes of much older members of the community, they choose to reject the temporary abundance which surrounds them. This is about their journeys, an exploration of past values in a new context. Older Australians choosing simpler lifestyles have been coined Downshifters.

It’s time for something a bit different. What’s this movement called? It doesn’t have a tag yet but this blog is called frugalist massive. The strange name is a mash up of the word frugality in which people are selective, resourceful, insightful; the drum and bass (music genre) term “junglist massive” and also the word massive itself. Which can be interpreted as posse, community, crew, or just litterally quite large. Collectively they point towards living simply but still living large.

Writer/s :

Previously i had hoped:

“for this not to be just another blog, but hopefully a few writers on simliar journeys can join, and prompt some dialogue through comments (a collaborative blog).”

But, it turns out that it’s not so valid or needed as I’ve since found out that this blog is part of “a movement” of frugal blogs which sprung up around the time of the recent financial freak-out. Will these blogs hold up in good economic times? This one plans on it. So just one bio for you now, from me !

Dylan Prins

On the prowl capturing oral histories

On the prowl capturing oral histories

Dylan is immersed in self directed study of relocalising: diving into a frugal, barter-rich lifestyle.  This involves kitchen gardens, urban permaculture, lots of barter exchange, DIY-as-much-as-possible, some blogging and capturing stories through audio recordings.

It could be compared to a post-graduate topic style of study. Dylan is used to just about doing things and not so much documentation, but has long valued the documentation he has come across. The role of writer is rather foreign too, but he’ll work it out soon enough. He is looking forward to sharing fun journeys and interesting stories.

Guest posts/articles welcome Please get in touch if you are interested in contributing to this blog. (leave a comment)

Are you part of the community? Profile here. [Join the Urban Wwoofing group !]


Some introductory posts

welcome: plain english intro – Humanized explanation of the blog context

On Boyle, creative frugalism and my approach A big long lifestyle spiel, or recipe
Livelocal experiment : suburban immersion
– A 5 week suburban living project

suburban permi retrofit tag – My biggest category here so far, you can choose others on the right hand side of any page.

Doing Stuff

Radio spots:
Fbi Radio (Sydney) ‘Out of the Box’ 18/05/08 – “meet people through their music” 1hr feature on events, music + life.
ABC Local Radio – Ballarat VIC – Mornings – Phone interview for Otesha Project
3CR Community Radio Melbourne – Studio guest interviewee for the SUWA show for Urban Wwoofing

Involved in giving workshops like these (and keen to continue 🙂
* Bicycle mechanics incl specialist areas : ergonomics, commuting, repairs for women, mens groups
* Group cycle touring – pre-tour courses including safety sessions and group riding techniques
* Community Events – selecting production and suppliers
* Consensus Decision making, youth empowerment and creative facilitation
* Urban Wwoofing – what it is and how to get started
* Urban permaculture, backyard self-suffiency incl compost toilets and building projects using reclaimed materials.

key interests at present (jul-aug ’10):

* Domestic design – perception, evolution and use of space in the environments we live/work/play in..reaching potential not just because were about to sell- move out &/ or need bond back!
* Visual communication : using pictorial signage or comic books to communicate instructions eg: compost toilet community projects in Sri Lanka or a little urban wwofing zine to be distro-ed around the place.
* suburban identity..
* the lost medium of audio and learning the ropes of sound docos
* building + designing stuff and re-using as much available materials as possible. there is so much stuff!

Please get in touch for more info or to request workshops. (use the comment form to submit your email address and request. These messages can be private if you prefer).

 dylan prins
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  1. Questions ? whats re-localising? whats self -directed study? I’ll get to those.


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