Moles, Bullies and the Hungry Beast

April 11, 2011


Laura Wills, a recent friend from here in adelaide town is quitting the duopoly. There’s a blog on it at She put me onto a great visualisation of the situation which is below. whilst checking the creators out I found a few more great visualisations so here comes another rare video feast for this […]

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Urban Wwoofing turns 50!

April 8, 2011


Ok so thats one of those sneaky titles but what I’m on about is that the urban wwoofing group on CouchSurfing has just clicked over 50 members, hooray!! I only know a handful of them so it’s slowly spreading nicely through the CouchSurfing community and perhaps a few other streams too. If you haven’t sussed […]

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Urban Food Growing Course – finally the audio piece

April 3, 2011


At long last here is the mini podcast I was working on.. Originally recorded out of interest - then cut together for the live local project on ABC Radio National's '360 Documentaries' program. But we missed the deadline .. so its just up here.

Citified. Next to rAdelaide!

February 28, 2011


Well I guess I was having a big blog break. Being in Melbourne after months of cycle tour home-staying has meant less time and energy for many things. But on the back of that healing coop post Ive made a great connection with a yoga centre here which has been a focus. if you […]

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Electrified Kona Ute + Cadence e-bike reviews (in full)

February 28, 2011


[declaration: So yes, once again I find myself in the amusing position of reviewing new products on a frugal blog. Ha! Ive been encouraged to review these bikes by Glow Worm Bicycles, whom I do some barter work for. They were very timely and useful loans for me, so I reckon it’s more than fair […]

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Healing Co-op: a reflection

December 17, 2010


In early ’08 I was guest on the “Out of the Box” program on fBi radio  (a well-established local community station in Sydney). The program focuses on the life you lead, the music you love and how the they interact. Whilst on there I dropped this idea of a Healing Coop- here’s a 5min exerpt […]

The Cycling Cellist rolling through Victoria

December 2, 2010


Was lucky to catch Kristin in the local town whilst on my 4wk wwoofing stint here in central Vic. Victorians, be sure to catch here on tour and come out and support a great artist doing amazing things (on and off the stage) Her album is also available as a $15 digital download below via […]

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