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| rhizone | burning seedpod audiospace

November 19, 2011


The Burning Seed Festival came around for the second time, with a new location of Matong State Forest, Near Wagga Wagga NSW. Last year it was held in Bellingen, as part of the participation culture of the event I took along my audio recorder and captured around 15 hours of field recordings (interviews music and […]

Urban Wwoofing turns 50!

April 8, 2011


Ok so thats one of those sneaky titles but what I’m on about is that the urban wwoofing group on CouchSurfing has just clicked over 50 members, hooray!! I only know a handful of them so it’s slowly spreading nicely through the CouchSurfing community and perhaps a few other streams too. If you haven’t sussed […]

Buy Nothing Day + Carnivalesque Rebellion. Adbusters.

November 21, 2010


Adbusters keep doing great stuff. The carnivalesque rebellion may or may not be up your alley but buy nothing day is for everybody ! Get into it. Other Adbusters related fun things.. Magazine Articles:The Logic of not Demanding – a great critique and suggestion for activism. In a perverse way our protests may actually be […]

A moneyless community?

November 8, 2010


As you may know by now, making net time for blogging is not my forte. So I’m dropping in some simple quick posts over here to keep things rolling. Mark Boyle, who is one of few ‘role models’ or point of reference which ive been able to find in my own adventures with alternative currencies, […]

No income, but still taking home bonuses!

September 12, 2010


For this little suburban project ive been lucky enough to have some generous contributions from a few of my barter ‘workplaces‘. At the end of my last shift at the suv (barter labour trade at an organic kitchen/grocer) before coming out here, to my surprise I was gifted a pretty special wellness water filter for […]

Garden sharing.. + urban wwoofing interest growing

April 12, 2010


Just saw a little pic of me on the permaculture principles (PCP) site, I was aware that it was on a photo blog hosted there but just discovered it linked on the main page -nice. There has been growing interest in the Urban Wwoofing concept recently, im currently working on an article for the permi […]

On Boyle, creative frugalism and my approach

March 21, 2010


A friend passed on a Guardian article by Mark Boyle a few months ago, this character had spent a year living without money. He had previously studied economics, was a writer and hung onto his laptop during that time. His article late last year sparked a fury of interest – polarising the audience largely into […]