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Save your online stuff for y o u r eyes only

August 23, 2011


Or.. “your guide to private browsing” Its not really necessary to land in someone elses mail, social network, blog or online dating account when you jump on computers (fair enough if its their own usually..). It’s no wonder the jump in peoples emails getting hacked and spammed, log out of your accounts people ! Or […]

Hour of Power

November 6, 2010


Bike touring / barter homestays in west vic doesn’t seem to lead to much net access. But a friend over here revealed her approach to tackling the web. She builds up a list of net jobs and hits it out at the library for one “hour of power” a week. I’m jealous. I think im […]

Frugal Footwear Failure

October 13, 2009


Somehow ive managed to buy three pairs of shoes in the past 12 months. Whoops. well, let me explain... Ive had a history of destroying footwear and having bad foot posture for years. The sunken arches led to orthotics and somewhat special Brooks shoes. Later on I got rid of the orthotics (along with my glasses) in a move towards my body learning to correct itself rather than relying on external products to help me out.

Urban Wwoofer seeks next homestay exchange

September 21, 2009


[Theres now a area on Urban Wwoofing here] Hi there, My names Dylan and im an Urban WWOOFER. WWOOF = Willing Workers On Organic Farms. WWOOFers usually barter labour for food and board on farms in rural areas. Whilst travelling by touring bicycle in Victoria recently, I started using the term “Urban Woofing” to communicate […]