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| rhizone | burning seedpod audiospace

November 19, 2011


The Burning Seed Festival came around for the second time, with a new location of Matong State Forest, Near Wagga Wagga NSW. Last year it was held in Bellingen, as part of the participation culture of the event I took along my audio recorder and captured around 15 hours of field recordings (interviews music and […]

The Cycling Cellist rolling through Victoria

December 2, 2010


Was lucky to catch Kristin in the local town whilst on my 4wk wwoofing stint here in central Vic. Victorians, be sure to catch here on tour and come out and support a great artist doing amazing things (on and off the stage) Her album is also available as a $15 digital download below via […]

Special package: Permaculture Diary 2011

August 25, 2010


I was very pleased to receive a little package yesterday. It’s the next permi diary; why on earth am getting a diary in August? Well this diary, now in its third year, is usually pretty special with a mixture of normal diary pages and then stories/ photos interspersed throughout. The diary was one of the […]

A chilly taste of the ride out here.. : Immersion #1

August 11, 2010


I thought i’d start the suburban immersion experiment posts off with a rough audio experiment i did with stuffing a little ”point and shoot” audio recorder. Not my usual tools or methods of choich but since I recorded the stuff I think i’ll just post it up here anyway. .. and since i already have […]

On Boyle, creative frugalism and my approach

March 21, 2010


A friend passed on a Guardian article by Mark Boyle a few months ago, this character had spent a year living without money. He had previously studied economics, was a writer and hung onto his laptop during that time. His article late last year sparked a fury of interest – polarising the audience largely into […]

Compost Loos for Events

November 5, 2009


Let the photologs continue ! Seems its all im good at – at the moment. Ive been walking a bit of a thin line in between an old ‘occupation’: events and my new one: edible gardening/self sufficiency stuff. I recently helped out with climate camp mainly working on the compost loos, it was a rewarding […]

Garden Island . . . into decent vegie patch

October 27, 2009


Wooh! (big breathy sigh). This was a big job. Heres a photo montage to start, showing a bit of the history of the property and what it was like. Note all the sacrificial gum trees and me playing on top of them.. oh. There is an out of focus shot which gives you a rough […]