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Heinberg, the prolific peak oil writer/speaker

November 21, 2010


Future resource-depleted hip hop producers will totally sample this guy. [labrats style] Heres a little retrospective of his ABC media in the last few years, the man puts out a new book every little while. 22/08/2006 – Oil Depletion Protocol – Late night live ABC Radio National 19/06/2008 – The End of the Petroleum Age […]

Special package: Permaculture Diary 2011

August 25, 2010


I was very pleased to receive a little package yesterday. It’s the next permi diary; why on earth am getting a diary in August? Well this diary, now in its third year, is usually pretty special with a mixture of normal diary pages and then stories/ photos interspersed throughout. The diary was one of the […]

Post fever – video tangent

November 7, 2009


Ok so im going a little nuts this morning with the posts.. but one more before I pry myself away from this interconnectivity machine.. I was hoping to stay away from the world of video but i can’t resist this one, its a nicely put together and it’s right up the alley of yours truly  […]